In the Beginning…

What would you do if your life was disorganized chaos? If no matter how much you tried to clean and get comfortable in your home nothing seemed to work. Well, I’m not sure what you would do but I’m starting a blog and here’s why…

But first, the back story.

In the beginning, I bought a house. The house, actually a four bedroom trailer wasn’t my ideal place. However, it was cheap and I thought I could figure out how to make it work for me. I moved in with a lot of stuff. After 22 years you tend to acquire a lot of crap, especially if you are a semi-horder like me. So into the house came, my baby teeth, more books than any five people need, a cat, far too many clothes, and a rather large assortment of other crap most of which I have forgotten exist in the house. This however was not a problem for me since my house had four bedrooms and I only needed one. The crap got shoved in the other rooms and life was good, clean, clutter free.

Fast forward several years and things have changed a lot. I got married and added not only a husband to my life but his love of magazines, sports, music, shoes and all the things that came with those passions. I also got a dog and added a plethora of dog toys and various doggie items. My system of shoving things in bedrooms and closets hasn’t been working so well since then.

Its not that I mind cleaning, its more that I have no idea how to organize ANYTHING. I am quite easily the least organized person you will ever meet. When I begin cleaning, I am quickly overwhelmed the clutter that doesn’t seem to have a home so I quit. My husband, despite living in the house for a year, still seems to be confused about my system of “organizing” things. (AKA throwing things in closets or behind furniture where no one can find it and calling it “filing.”) I can’t really blame him for that, my system may not be (ok, ok its not) the best system out there.

And that is why I have embarked on this journey, to get organized once and for all. I will be starting in one room and writing various blog posts about my struggles to get that space looking organized, livable and clean. These posts will of course have before and after pictures so stay tune to join me in the horror that is my disorganized life!